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Birds always look fucking furious when seen head on.



Not sure if it’s work’s filtering, but there’s no video.

You can’t put a headline like that and not have a video. It’s fraud!


There was a video but I had to scroll down and then backup before it loaded


Not working for me. :sob:


TBH it was very long distance and I was disappointed as the headline made me think it was like a dog streaker invading the po faced world of professional sports and snatching it out of a competitor’s hands… But it was just being thrown it specifically


Take THAT professional sports!


Love looking for funny names on maps, can spend hours on this :+1:


Ive been to Nether Wallop


I’ve been very close to it on the way to EOTR last year.


Couldn’t miss the oppo


The top one and bottom one are both round my dad’s neck of the woods. Maybe the other two as well, but i don’t recognise it.

Dorset and Somerset if yr interested.


Bottom one is on the way to Taunton, Top one is the Tolpuddle bypass. Middle wallop is between Salisbury and Andover on the A343. Christ I’m bored



Can’t look at these twitter things on my work computer, but if they don’t have Mogador, which is only a mile or two from where I’m sitting right now, I demand a recount.

There’s nothing like shouting “SEND FORTH THE TROOPS FROM MOGADOR” at the top of your voice as you pass it to blow away the cobwebs. Especially if there are other people in the car.


I hate that I love this so much



I need to know if they brought these with them on the tube.


What the hell side are they on, though?