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Did he want the refs to throw a flag?
Do the seats spell out (a GBO) THE LADS?

So many questions.


I think it’s a half time compeition from the match between Sunderland and Plymouth, where two fans had to race each other to the ball and then score a goal.


Thought it was just a pair of pitch invaders, this explanation is way better.







Overdone the dog stuff recently, but christ on a bike take a look at this unit


There is no such thing as too much dog content


The 1970s were a shocking mess.


Had to google this cos fascinated, but apparently hybrids are legal under federal US law from 98% wolf / 2% dog onwards.

That’s a lot of wolf.


Raisins on a burger would work 100%


You’re a monster.


If you’re like me you kind of think of wolves as level 3 enemies, then you take a look at them irl and you realise oh yeah, this thing would kill me instantly.


I’m no profk, come on



I’m in awe of those percentages. Trying to work out how this happens. Just some frontier point where stray dogs and Grey Wolves hangout a lot and get wasted?




break dancing in rural china: a thread

and this thread too

carl also has a great podcast you should check out


this is my fave