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Just go on your own, Scott.


Feel like going alone because your wife refuses to come is a very important part of seeing the National.

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this made me laugh so much



No biologist but I think you just mix in the appropriate proportions of jizz


Miaow :smirk_cat:





was a bit irked because I’m a bit of an item hoarder, but when I thought about it, damn. on point.


TBH this feels more ‘descent into fascism’ than great things. I can’t see a translation but isn’t he trying to whip up public disgust with LGBT by posting this?


I’m going to feel like a big part of the problem next time I play a Final Fantasy game with 99 potions constantly in the inventory while I insist on using healing spells instead (taking the emotional labour of white mages / designated healers in lieu of using my capital)


it’s glenn’s patter i meant, not the bolsonaro tweet per se. observe:


The cat’s reaction


Not to laugh at someone’s unfortunate death (even in these circumstances) but

He faced claim for £4 billion from the Belgian authorities for tax evasion on diamonds illegally imported from Congo and Angola, Belgian’s GVA reported.

Oh carry on lol :eggplant:


Ok that Mario arm is all kinds of wrong. He’s got two right arms! Look at it! Look at the direction of the thumb on each hand. Arrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhh.


That’s what the tweet says


And I, for one, agree with it.



From the Scunthorpe Telegraph apparently



Scunthorpe problem, you say?