Great Things Posted on Social Media




not really thread appropriate but i’m doing a massive unfollow session on twitter, interesting to see my TL re-calibrating and calming the fuck down somewhat. now i’m seeing interesting stuff about horror films and sea turtles and such again, less aggro politics takes. soothing.


Yeah I did that about a year ago. Unfollowed almost everyone who wasn’t following me back because it just cut out so many angry politics people.


is there a quicker way to unfollow than individually clicking unfollow on the “following” page? this is taking forever haha


No, I think going through that grid is it, sorry. Not sure I can imagine a quicker way really? Not one that might mean you accidentally unfollow people you don’t want to.


You could always just D E L E T E Y O U R A C C O U N T



Better than I expected it to be, tbf.



This is old news

Though I could watch that clip a hundred times and it will always make me smile so nice to see it reposted


(don’t care if this is old, it’s great)


Is there a thread here where we admit to silly things that we’ve done (both drunk and sober)?



Heavily me


Apparently the same method worked with David Cameron. Except it involved a bottle of Merlot.


Oh, say a word for Jimmy Ball
He ain’t got nothing at all
Why don’t he own his flat though
Surely it’s his fault


can’t even articulate the cuteness

I just spent the whole thing making sounds



Pretty much the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve watched it three times in a row and haven’t stopped grinning yet.


Poor King Krule