Great Things Posted on Social Media


I was loving this but then I started to wonder why the people were keeping all those goats and what their ultimate fate was destined to be. And then it made me sad at the thought that the farmers could dress the goats up in cute pjs and film them having a jumping party and then kill them to make goatskin handbags :frowning:


I like to think it was a loving family that had a farm, raised a bunch of goats to let them grow old and frolic around their great land until they died old of age. :heart_eyes:

So why not dress the little guys up in cute jammies and film it!

Here’s to hoping at least…


I like your version better.


probably posted ages ago but i’m not scrolling back to check



Years old, but I’ve only just discovered it.

For those that havnt seen it, you’re in for a treat!

Oh and its safe to say this is NSFW, even though its all crudely drawn microsoft paint art.


Probably the best thing The Sleaford Mods have done to be honest.







This cannot be serious? Can it?


This cannot be serious? Can it?


OMG a lady I used to work with just did this

I don’t believe this is a joke.



ahaha :smile:


has to be real world shitposting surely, i love it


obviously not

“i will try to be on time” ffs



Have you been paying attention to politics lately? The level of stupidity in the world is unprecedented. Reality looks like parody on a daily basis. I would assume it was not seriously but these days who can really know for sure?