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I don’t know exactly what’s caught that cat’s attention, but I’m certain it’s not Psycho.


please don’t ruin the magic, parsers



Huh, that’s odd. Panther Taxis in Cambridge posted the same thing, almost literally word for word, yesterday. Wonder if it’s A Thing amongst taxi companies or summat?



This town inspired the film version of Silent Hill. There’s a really good (from what I remember anyway) article about the town and the effect of “Silent Hill tourists” on it that was posted by the Firewatch developers a while ago:


please, we do not mention this


I’ve never seen it (nor do I have much interest in doing so) ^ but it does seem like the research they did on Centralia is the most interesting thing about it.

^ Want to replay the games so much. The only one I have immediate access to is the first Silent Hill and on PSP which isn’t the ideal way to play it (I’m not a massive fan of that first game anyway tbh)


Is Silent Hill the film where there’s a weird guy at the end who has a metal head and is trapped in one location and the heroine is chasing her brother or something? Never played the game but the film was a 3/5


oh theo


Hard to know if this is because I described a different film or you’re a console game a snob m9 :wink:


she’s looking for her daughter


Okay it was 12 years ago I saw it on TV.


might play Final Fantasy VIII for a bit


Was a story about their church on the BBC a month or so back


f that game tbh


what no

why that


ugh everything about it. ugly, boring, annoying



I think maybe I love everything about that game

although as a sulky boy with floppy brown hair, I guess it always had a bit of wish-fulfillment appeal to me?

but also I really enjoy the whole junction thing and love the music and idk idk