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yeah, why don’t you like it ffs??


don’t tell anyone, especially not that ericthefourth, but I think FF VII is kind of boring/annoying/ugly

although I really want to play the remake



I really loved the aesthetic and the world design, but jeez those boss fights and the long summoning animation things just did me in.


I really can’t think of it in a negative way at all. I just got totally captivated by the world and story and all of that, and had so much fun doing all the side-quests and whatnot that any critique is like another language to me.


hated the characters, hated the dinosaurs, hated the battle system, hated the story, hated being stuck on the moon and having to fight like 10 bosses in colour order. don’t think i ever beat the final boss.


I loved the T-Rexaurs! loved that you could beat them dead early if you were canny about it.

and the whole space thing was all sad and dreamy, which totally did it for me.


I was about to say I remember giving up at the ten bosses thing, but then I remembered that I gave up on it when I give up on all Final Fantasy games. The final dickhead dungeon when I die after about an hour and a half with no save point


That bit when you come back from space and Rinoa floats down into’s Squall’s arms :cry:



Really enjoyed this.




Fucking hell. I’ve just clicked on that profile and the header image has completely done me. I’m in tears in the office, here.




coldland whistles


this has astounded me


no way



Took me a while, but that’s great :slight_smile: