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no he used the force (you cant see it tho)

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I do not understand this.


It’s the tram thing that Chidi explains in The Good Place

I now understand this, but have no idea why it’s been done, or why everyone else knew what the hell it was on about.


Not sure why anyone would choose to kill 5 people instead of killing one.

Philosophers are stupid.

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But you have to make a deliberate action to kill the single person. You could just not touch anything and remain uninvolved.

And if you consider it a simple choice to switch to the track with a single person, what if the way to save the five people wasn’t flicking the switch - what if you had to push someone from the trolley to stop it?

AND what if the the one person you chose to kill was your own child?

What if you didn’t know anything about the single person, but you knew the five people were all cancer patients with only weeks to live?


Or the 5 people might be cyclists…


Now you’re getting it. Hours of dinner party fun!

Please remind me that I’m busy if you ever invite me to one of your dinner parties


Shame, my beef bourguignon is very well thought of

Win some, lose some.

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fuckin pseuds

Yeah it’s an easy answer

It’s just a starting point though, as above, you can alter the scenario to find out where you draw the line on what you think it morally good / acceptable.

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Gotta be careful not to think about morality too much in an abstract sense as it’s easy to convince yourself it doesn’t exist

It’s funnier if you read it in Bentham’s tongue tbf