Great Things Posted on Social Media





Maybe you had to be there?

(TBH I just assumed he was implying these are terrible opening tracks and you could do better.)


still haven’t the foggiest


‘Yourself’ is Track 4 on the album. He loves the first three tracks, hence is being hard on ‘Yourself’.



okay then

although at this point, I’m not so much finding it funny as being relieved that I know what the joke is


Had the exact same problem m9


this is terrible


Maybe I should have cast that joke aside for some pouting young pup


pictures of dogs are always good, yeah


Doesn’t work for me because the original statement makes no judgement on the 4th song


I’m 45 m9, Dad jokes are pretty much the only thing I have left :slight_smile:


This came up on linkedin this morning… not sure if great or terrible, but the thought of descending 50 storeys trapped in a giant condom with colleagues above and below you is both hilarious and terrifying.

Fire marshals with their hi-viz jackets waiting at the bottom for you to emerge from the sphincter like some newborn wearing a suit… jeez



That’s so much slower than walking down a protected stairwell, and can you imagine the number of people who’d have a panic attack while descending?


I’m also a fan (or not) of the image that shows the fire conveniently on one side of the building, and not torching the chute like a sausage.


Futurama, Friends and Marxism: is @Discobot gaining awareness and posting on Twitter?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


its certainly stretching the definition of the word “great”