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It’s nitrous oxide/ laughing gas.

Done some googling and it seems you buy it in little canisters (like the @bikewankers buy C02 in) Then I guess you empty that into a balloon to consume it

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It’s been maaaaany years but as far as I’m aware you buy the little canisters then inflate the balloons with them using a whipped cream charger thing. Or at least that’s what my friends told me they used to do. Times may have changed.

I feel like you could possibly directly crosspost this in that thread where people talk about cars without having any idea about them.

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This is correct.

I do wish people would tidy up the cannisters though, I see dozens on the ride into work in the road and in gutters and they can be really dangerous if you’re on a bike.


Yeah there’s often a fair few in the hedges and stuff round here.

When I first noticed those things in the streets I briefly thought maybe there was some low-powered paintball type toy guns kids were going nuts with.

If I put my empty C02 canisters in the recycling (and I do) I guess the binmen must think I’m huffing space juice


Always have to pull my dog away from them too.

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Oh yeah they definitely think you’re all hopped up on goofballs.


Bleedin kids. What the hell’s wrong with sniffing glue?


Or injecting marijuana from a crack pipe i am not a cop.




took me ages to figure out what this actually was all about

everything abt this is gold


That moment where he says: “Oh fuck this!” :laughing:


Cancel all my calls. I need to watch a dog flip it’s food bowl all morning.


You can buy a dispenser and 600 laughing gas canisters for about £150

So if you see people walking around selling a single balloon for £3 they’re making a hell of a profit

My mate said he once hosted a party and got through a ridiculous number of balloons. He says he was putting 2 or even 3 canisters in a balloon at a time and that doing so is mad fun.

Is this a thing? Laughing gas canisters just lying all over the place where you all live? What’s going on?

They were everywhere in east London for a while, I’ve seen fewer recently though.

Gilbert & George did a whole exhibition inspired by their ubiquity:


Feel like I’m living in a parallel universe

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