Great Things Posted on Social Media


So cute when @discobot does this


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Alright don’t push it you jumped up watering can


One for @elthamsmateowen I think



Regarding the University strikes:


Hmmm. Another one where I had to check whether I was in the great things or shit things thread.


Ooh get him. The person who posted it has been on the picket lines all week so I guess it goes under “accurate things”


Big Nev still delivering.


have we had this yet?


Does he mean when he’s paying for services?


Hilarious! :joy:



This one’s quite sad :frowning:


Well, you don’t have to be that “clever” (in the way he means there) to play football well and earn a ton of money.




This is golden!


Is Katie Hopkins simply recycling something that’s been previously tweeted at her by someone else?


I like the guy smashing it out in all CAPS. I DO NOT FIND MEN SEXUALLY APPETIZING AT ALL PERIOD.

Uh-huh. You’re very sexy when you’re angry.


who even knows by this point in time?


Suspect the bit about knitting and yoghurt is all hers, it’s a very edgy dig at the Greens.Cos we all like knitting and weird food like “yoghurt”.