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Weird that she’d go for something non-vegan as the stereotypical green party food


Is knitted yoghurt vegan, though? Maybe not, cos you’re using wool? But maybe she’s envisaging it being knitted out of plant matter? Or maybe she’s just a knob?


Knitting your own yoghurt has been around for a long time , usually thrown at hippies/lefties.

So she’s shitely using that



:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

doot doot




It’s a well-worn cliché. Traditionally teamed up with sandal-wearing and guardian-reading.



just saw this as a random persons profile pic on facebook



can this be r-


Some of these are genuinely inexplicable.

Worst clothing designs that no one should ever wear

is this satire?


This is pretty much how I imagine most dissers look tbh


I don’t know. Yer man doesn’t look too chuffed, or even to know how to stand up properly.


I see your boyfriend has the disposable camera he took with him to Magaluf back from the printers’.


£1200 of clothes here


“Shouldn’t we get some of the beach?” I said, but he wasn’t having it.


Aladdin Casual is in this year.


Think this is my favourite. £585 for a pair of shorts which look like wrapping paper:


I’ve actually been on holidays that cost less than those shorts.