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I like the deer’s eye in the second panel


‘i am a valid person’ can be a mantra for people who are going through mental health/personal crises and that - meaning like ‘i’m worthy of happiness & love’ or something.

i took it as that, could have been any abstract concept and i’d probably still have laughed tho, this just gives it a bit of extra warmth.

also i don’t think you need to understand things to laugh at them.


Oh right, cheers. It was just baffling.

(I am sort of wary of stuff like that because I don’t want to find out I’m laughing at something some alt-right dude made to take the piss out of an idea he doesn’t understand.)


fair dos man.

luckily,i think it’s fair to say this comic is from the exact opposite end of the internet.

see this delightful tshirt


I know this feeling. It’s especially annoying given that I quite enjoy really absurdist weird humour, and there’s always something at the back of my head when looking at some things you stumble across thinking “is this actually some weird coded reference to a coded reference to sixteen more coded references to some really specific fascist thing”?


Oh sure, I wasn’t accusing you of being a bad guy just mean I am now hypersensitive regardless


i didn’t think you were bud. it’s an understandable wariness.


everyone calm down!!




^^^ Winner



The living fuck is a pizza casserole?

I’m going to swap in “veggie sausages”.


bit of a political one for the nerds


oh! i just realised that the deer is trans - it’s probably to do with that. like valid in your gender identity or something.


This has done me completely



Like that someone made this just to reply


Oh sorry your second Tweet posted didn’t show properly


Aye I clocked that :grinning:


Since Iogged out of twitter click throughs to the mobile site are an absolute mess!