Great Things Posted on Social Media


Facebook generated one of those automatic month summary videos, entitled “What A March!” and presenting the coupla photos I put on there as AWESOME CHERISHED MEMORIES.

Thing is they’re all just photos I took during the snow, so it has a cartoon person wistfully thinking and in the thought balloon is an image of a snowed-on pylon instead of social activities or whatever it is normal people do


not sure if great or terrible but it’s definitely peak london:




Might as well bung a greengrocer’s apostrophe, too.


It’s Avaca- does not Avaca- donts


I mean whatever



This whole event seems to be quite remarkable:



not sure i trust anyone else to pick out my avocadoes


Cinnamon bun just made me think of Cinnamon Girl


Sylvester Stallone enters to fireworks and confetti, then opens with an anecdote about being mutilated by a hospital intern at birth.


I am in the shit situation of moving from a country that doesn’t understand what a ripe avocado is and seems to think ‘al dente’ can apply to them, to a country where any avocado you buy better be eaten that afternoon or else you’ll be lucky if you can rescue it into a guacamole. Frustrating it is.


But who won the disc race??


House Bill 4260, called the “Man’s Right to Know Act,” would punish male masturbation with a $100 fine, and require men who want Viagra to be subject to a rectal exam.

By focusing on male masturbation, the proposed legislation is an obvious attempt to satirize and draw attention to the unreasonable and dangerous policy proposals concerning women’s reproductive freedom coming from the Republican Party.




So when are you moving back?



This thread is wild