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I hope you posted this in @Saps’s stupid riddles thread because we’ve now surpassed the ice knife I reckon!


In which legendary Flying Nun band The Bats are cited in an interview by the Finance Minister, who then pops up in the comments to explain what he meant:


this is the eighth wonder of the world



This is one of the best videos i’ve ever seen. Ridiculous attention to detail.



Hot puss?


Probably just me, but it properly, properly did me to read about someone rinsing their eyes with 9 day old piss that had bits floating in it. :joy:


What the fuck? Why would anyone ever think it a good idea to wash their eyes with piss - whether fresh or aged.


You mean you don’t do it?!


I think Unlocking the Power of Piss is one of the many unconventional belief systems that populates certain corners of the internet.



(They’ve updated the captions in the article now)


so good. also fuck those trains.


It’s kind of weird how some people seem to think that John Elledge is really angry about this. His subsequent re-tweets show that he isn’t. eg:


i will not


Is it?

Do they?



A long’un, but a good’un. Probably. Not finished it yet.


I feel exhausted after reading that