Great Things Posted on Social Media


amazing, the highlights are genuinely worth the read


I am fucking howling (I work for SM’s learning dept)


You seem quite angry about the possibility of people thinking Elledge is angry about this. :wink: etc.

(Or alternatively I guess: You are Jonn Elledge and I claim my five pounds.)





This is from Adam and Joe’s made up jokes.




That reminds me of a diary entry in Adrian Mole’s first diary when their school goes on a trip to London, which has me doubled up with laughter every time I read it. Barry Kent goes missing and goes shoplifting in a Soho sex shop if I remember correctly


I’m not sure I get this unless they’re just referencing their own habit of sticking that on the front of shows they’ve bought the rights to show?


fuck me that was REALLY nsfw


i think they’re just joking about it sounding like a bad TV plot Theo


Ah… I didn’t get it either.


(Video is very much worth watching)


i very much enjoyed this typo


hung and ho!


I get and enjoy this reference.



Oh come on Irons, as if any of us ever withheld our details from Father Christmas?