Great Things Posted on Social Media


He was my brother :sleepy:


Every time I dip into the museum to get a coffee or lunch I see huge groups of school kids & exasperated adults, only now I’m finding it really difficult not to openly laugh at them


This definitely didn’t happen.


It’s really not remotely funny either, I don’t get why people are sharing it and “OMG I’m dying” about it.


also, the tweets don’t seem to exist anymore.


Huh, if anything, that supports it being not 100% made up, because if I was the head of the school involved I’d fucking kick off at the prick.


MIght live-tweet my day.

Meeting in a room that’s oddly cold and all the people are talking at the same time.

Colin’s had to leave. I wish I was Colin.

How is it only 11.15? Someone just asked if I was taking the minutes.

I should be taking minutes. oops.


OMG DYING :joy::joy::joy:


locked his account hasnt he


@sadpunk I CAN’T EVEN!!! :laughing: :sweat_smile:

Did find it quite amusing as it updated, but did wonder how someone could a) constantly update, and b) have that much battery compared to my fucking POS phone. Still, had a giggle. Tickled me more than yet another meme.


In fact, I managed to find it online. Quite similar in places.


incredibly similar (and actually funny)


“Approaches motorway” is very similar indeed…


Oh man!


nothing as funny as ‘7.30 - Coach left school drive’


Dean ‘Hank Schrader’ Norris in a classic search bar moment here:


Pretty sure Twitter keeps the new tweet and search bars close together just to generate classic #content like this

Disappointed Norris didn’t follow up with some ‘actually they’re sex minerals, Marie’ or summat



I think replacing Detective Brusma with you and @hip_young_gunslinger has really improved this new season TBH.