Great Things Posted on Social Media


find it a bit odd when people do something on twitter with the sole intention of going viral and then denounce all the effects of going viral when it does :woman_shrugging:


ill level with you leafy, i hate people


find it a bit odd that someone wrote a bbc news article about a largely fictionalised story on twitter


That’s because the BBC news website has been in freefall for a couple of years now.


It’s basically run with the Radio 1 demographic in mind now. Pretty infuriating as it used to be a great news source.


Yeah, he clearly wrote that unfunny shit in a way to make people think it was real.

Wanted attention; got attention; complains about attention for more attention.


You’re right, the guy is a fucking weapon.


Users were hooked to one-time Apprentice hopeful Simon Smith’s tweets

it all makes so much sense now


He was the worst twat on that, because he established the precedent that every loser getting fired had to turn to Sugar and his minions and weep “Thank you ever so much for this opportunity, you’ve changed my life”. I always cheer now when someone just blows out of there giving a finger to everyone in room, like the good old days.


ah, “the shit myself on purpose” clause


FFS. Simon Twat.


This is almost obscenely adorable.


actually laughed out loud at this





Blur for spoilers!


From a contemporary Telegraph story from him being booted:

“I gave everything I had,” he said.

"I gave 100 per cent in every task. I made a lot of people smile in that shopping centre yesterday and it was a really good feeling.

“At the end of the day I failed, I’ll go home now, pick myself up and I’ll be putting up satellite dishes up again next week.”

Earlier, he had confidently told viewers of the BBC1 series that he had an IQ of 170. “So I consider myself quite clever,” he said.

“But most people don’t like a smart arse so I’m going to have to bite my tongue on the early stages of the competition so as not to overrule them with my intelligence.”


this gave me a good chuckle just now