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I’m not sure how genuine this is, but:








it’s wearing a crown and everything, deffo got more money than me




I have very little to contribute except to say that was pretty pretty painful.



what the hell kind of question is “what kind of fun do you think is going to happen here today”




Good on 'im.

Puts me in mind of The Pistols’ Huddersfield 77 gig - very surreal and defo worth a watch.

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I met John Lydon a few years back at a festival in Spain. I was walking in his direction to go to the dressing room of the band I was working with. He looked up at me and said, out of nowhere, “Fuck off.” I replied, “Bad day at the office?” and carried on going. When the Sex Pistols were on stage though me and a mate went into their room and took all their booze and cigarettes. They also had two sofas whereas we had just one, so we took that as well. Cunt can’t fuck with me with and expect no repercussions.





I think it’s a running joke that everytime a celebrity dies Limmy posts the same ‘tribute’ on Twitter - that they were funny / down to earth.