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i… see…


Should I know who this Limmy chap is?


No, your medal will be in the post.


Thanks for sucking the joy out of that one, lads.


This has absolutely fucked me


Can’t speak for Natalie, but tbf canoeing’s pretty fun.


Well to be fair unless @DirtyPJ uses Twitter a lot I’m not sure why he would have? I dunno if Limmy’s show is only prime time in Scotland but I’ve only ever seen his stuff via YouTube grabs


I had heard the name here and there but nothing gave me any impetus to find out more.


he delivers “Natalie from Cascada” like an absolute pro


I’ve never heard of him, asked on here a few times and been told but it never sinks in



you will need to click to see the entire thing then click again to zoom in


a particularly strong one from Jim’ll Paint It




Ace. But who are the woman in the pink car and the man in the Hawaiian shirt meant to be??


Pink car is Roseanne with her sleeping pills. I think the guy in the flying car is the bloke who plays Kramer in Seinfeld


Some incredible tears of racists in the comments of that one on FB, btw.


He was on a small stage then and I didn’t know his name