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The fan essential cranks up the max temp


of course, it is kinda interrupted thanks to the points along the way that are close the majority of the time…


Imagine if you could somehow open all the valves at once, so you could drop something in your mouth and it’d fall out your backside a few seconds later.






Alright Dr Doubleespresso


I thought about asking on here but I realised I’d still have to ask on Twitter for any kind of intelligent response :wink:


Must have been gutting when niki and vine replied anyway

Fan ovens vs Conventional Ovens

Should that one be cross-posted in the ‘doing one another’ thread?


Think it still needs its own thread, there is more to discuss, like is it as constant as that, is 20 degrees with the fan equivalent to 40 without, is it possible for the fan to go under 20 etc


ive got my mouth shut right now. wtf is the matter with people



Were you holding your nose closed?




Enjoy suffocating


There used to be a YouTube video kicking around of a guy that swallowed a small weight attached to a long piece of dental floss which was tied to one of his teeth at the other end. Once he’d passed the weight, he attempted to floss himself… and he was just in tremendous pain.


thanks i will


Holy shit


I’d try to find it but there’s no way I want those terms in my search history