Great Things Posted on Social Media


This has done some numbers so I’m posting here and fuck anybody who gives me a hard time :grin:


17 likes! Numbers! Come back when you’ve got 1,3k retweets and 3.4k likes, buddy.


I’m including all the FB likes, mate.


If your phone isn’t essentially out of action for the next 12 hours, it ain’t viral.


I am not moronic enough to have my phone setup to receive notifications from any service. I don’t even install FB or Twitter apps as the mobile versions are fine.


wow super gonorrhea is stronger than i thought


at Reading


*while reading


Live Twitter just had a pretty stressful collective experience. Anyone been following?


Is it still going?


It made it to the top a few minutes ago!


My new favourite thing on Twitter. Best cathartic, artistic swearing since The Thick Of It:


Bit holy shitwaffles, isn’t it.




I think this is literally going to kill my partner.




I played it to Clive. Tears streaming down his face.


I could send her viral in about 30 seconds by videoing her watching it, it’s truly astonishing, tears, screaming, chest pain, involuntary head throws, dancing, the lot.


I may not be James Comey, but I sure enjoyed destroying the lives of random muslims.