Great Things Posted on Social Media


Printed in a Kenyan (or other African nation that uses the shilling) paper that presumably saw it as the joke online story it originally was and copied it thinking it was real.


hey this isn’t the True Things Posted On Social Media thread


Imagine my disappointment at coming into this thread with over 100 replies to catch up on and it mostly being conversation and heavy handed satire




sorry for the #brandedcontent but this is awesome




That’s nuts.

I wonder how much is faked? I mean surely if you went down a lot of those paths you could so easily hit bump that would send you flying forward?


I really enjoyed this


I went on a cycling holiday a few months ago and did no cycling, just sat around reading and drinking cava. It was bloody great so she should go and do that.



My plug in sushi
Really fills my belllllly


This is quite amazing





Thought that was a pile of dog poo, ngl.


You know I had to do it to ya



Imagining Julee Cruise covering the Rembrandts rn