Great Things Posted on Social Media




the bottom left pic is particularly incredible


It’s like when you accidentally press the button to go into sneak mode in Skyrim


could someone photoshop her onto this

maybe with lightsaber wiggy too







Any TOWIE fans in the house?



I do not watch TOWIE, and I’m not familiar with this person, but that is pure gold!



Someone keeps sending her impressive dick pics perhaps? And then here she finally sees it in the flesh.

Note: I am pretty sure that most, if not all, women do not want to receive dick pics.





That and the whole disappearing into the jungle with a shit ton of drugs. (Fun fact, McAfee used to post about his adventures on this drug forum I used to post on. Consensus was that he was a bit too hardcore and crazy for the rest of us).



Pretty sure I recall him doing a really grim sexist (amongst other things) video for all the people who emailed him about how shit McAfee AV was and how to uninstall it. Like it was clearly going to be seen as hilarious if you were the sort of person who found Jim Davidson funny.