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it would be better if they had laid the pages flat so they were actually readable.

Are we supposed to infer that in fact she has not read her own book (that she is supposed to have written herself)


That’s the inference, that it’s been ghostwriten.

But to be honest even if she wrote it she doesn’t seem to care enough to be able to talk about it without prompting via questions so I guess that’s just as bad.


i think it’s partly that, and partly that she seems to think her book is so complex and multi-layered that she couldn’t possibly be expected to summarise it or pull out a couple of brief highlights


Yeah that’s the one.


Given how many people like us would never have been aware of this book but for this interview it’s hard to judge if this was actually a PR stunt all along.



Truth, of course.


Hmm, I wonder who could possibly be maliciously reporting Zoe Quinn’s accounts?


Oh is that her? I didn’t check the OP at all (stupid). But someone pointed out that if your age in your account is under 13 you get blocked and it sounded like that might have been it from her reply.


I don’t care if this is authentic or not TBH


I can’t stop watching this

“where is the geezer?”

and the second “twat”


wivis trotters up


no one knows WOT IT IS


Not at all into that chancer having @willsmith AND a blue tick.


don’t think i’ve ever actually heard the phrase “called it on” before


Or “held account for it”.


I think he’s talking directly to Corbs at the end there.


honestly the second twat is phenomenal


Once caught a train back from a Pompy match. Were some lairy teenagers who constantly gave it the “he was calling it on”, “are you calling it on”, “we were calling it on” chat the whole journey. Brings back good memories


Quite liked seeing Danny Dyer on Good Morning Britain calling David Cameron a “twat” and Piers Morgan saying “that’s our former prime minister” like the absolute glans he is