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That is the clip @incandenza posted up there





potentially troll job of the year, each angry response is more hilarious and idiotic than the last and there are lots of threatening images of assault rifles


Not exactly down with this sort of trolling TBH. Most reactions are just from people who are terrible and it doesn’t really achieve much for any particular point.

It’s not about civility, pregnancy issues are fairly traumatic and not a subject for jokes any more than rape.


i can see why people would feel that way, it’s fair. cheap laughs tbh, doesn’t achieve anything at all, i agree. I just find the responses funny, not necessarily the OP itself. think probably he could have found a better topic.

a lighter hearted one in the same genre, probably a better troll job all round, is the girl who pretended to work at red hen and said she only served trump voters floor food. Or that dude who said he worked at a polling station tearing up trump voter ballots. I like them cos they function as little social experiments and i always find it amazing how the same kinds of people fall for it all the time.


Yeah, the Red Hen etc were great, causing right wingers to waste their time and Red Hen’s trying to get a nonexistent employee into trouble.

But given right wing Pro life terrorists are already known to target doctors who carry out abortions, even the explicit ‘parody’ in their bio can easily get missed & I’d not like to see a Mayo Clinic targeted by some maniacs on the back of this sort of thing.


shit you’re right, i didn’t even think about that despite the assault rifles :grimacing: dunno where my head was at, especially with whats happened the last week. ignore me then, this was a bad call.



ffo Fugazi, Rites of Spring, fallacies in hypothesis testing






kitty hiccups




It’s the pupils that do it! :smiley:


Oh @japes I remembered this again



Tried this a few times and always got caught. Calling bullshit on this


Yeah it seems to rely on the idea that a bartender has to look at the date of birth, take 18 years off the current date and compare the two every time they see an id (like someone who isn’t a bartender would), rather than just remember what year was 18 years ago because they check dozens of them every day. No maths required.