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True that. A bartender - especially at a festival - must have to check numerous IDs every shift. S/he will know the exact date/year that means someone is 18 or over.


There’s usually a notice pinned up behind the bar at event like that with the most recent DOB possible on it, but I can quite easily see how someone underage would still get served.


I did get served when I was under-aged - but I was my present height by the age of 14 and generally looked much older.


When I used to work in Safeway I’d feel so embarrassed about asking for ID that I’d feel even more embarrassed about really scrutinising the date so if they were born in the right year I probably would give them a pass, especially if they seemed really confident about showing the ID.


I went to an all ages gig and didn’t have ID. I had a bit of trouble getting served by a jobsworth. I’m 43 and look it, so it was very frustrating.


I had that in New York. No ID meant I got the non-drinker wristband put on me. I had to get a mate to fetch my drinks all night.



Reminds me of how we always jokingly referred to our weekly D&D get togethers as ‘basketball’ because a mate had once used it with colleagues as his get out for not going to work drinks.

Anyway a shortish mate of mine later asked if my basketball team was taking players, obviously figuring any team that would take me and my mates wasn’t very choosy :grimacing::grinning:

:basketball_man: :wastebasket: :basketball: NBA 2018/19 :basketball: :wastebasket:

One of the key dynamics about Toy Story is that they can’t die, though. They never age, and they watch frozen and helpless as their owners grow up and forget about them. They can become horribly mangled and disfigured and still will not die, condemned to crawl around in the dirt forever, their nightmare existence neverending.

His daughter is a moron, a dribbling imbecile for not understanding this.


The internal Disney animation vs Pixar battles are played for keeps, huh?


For creatures that can’t die, they seem pretty scared of the incinerator at the end of TS3


If you were about to go into an incinerator you’d probably rather not live through it in endless burning agony tbh.




Dear @twentynine , please accept my most heartfelt apologies for mentioning something about the end of an eight year old children’s film.


shut up is toy story 3 eight years old


I checked on imdb - 2010



Apology accepted!


The gif on that Tweet did me.