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this is adorable and so much fun!


I’m getting to the stage of my life where this sort of thing makes me well up a bit


Great, innit. Love this sort of thing. Especially like the ones where parents have gone to great lengths to line and waterproof backs of trucks or balconies so their kids can have paddling pools. Bloody brilliant. How people react to ingenuity like that’s quite a good marker of whether they can stay or be marched into the sea for me.


i know what you mean, and i don’t even want to have kids!

mind you, i have almost no interest in/understanding of football, and i have recently read two articles/essays by current professional footballers, both of which made me tear up.


Players Tribune stuff? They’re doing great work.


yeah. the romelu lukaku and raheem sterling ones. oh boy…


the end of the lukaku one really did me in


yeah, totally.

i’m no expert by any means, but as a relative outsider, it feels there’s such an unpleasant discourse around football and footballers in a lot of the media, and i’ve been quite surprised by how much more interest i have taken in the world cup just off the back of reading those pieces and really considering the humanity of the people involved. (like, for example, noticing and being pleased when i’ve seen that lukaku has scored in a game)

sorry everyone, i feel like i’ve really derailed the thread a bit here!


bit baffled by this


You happy about this discobot?


:crystal_ball: You may rely on it


what the fuuuuuuuuck this is brilliantly stupid


Quite a comforting look into the future isn’t it. Everyone’s worried about the singularity but what it actually means is we get some fud from Essex trying to fuck a robot on Love Island 2039.


Would it be any different, though?




Ahhhhh! Hooted laughing at that.


Enjoy yr scholarships at Reading!


aww apparently the guy is being called “a burger pawpaw” which is something americans say i guess. how sweet.




can’t even spell yrself properly smh