Great Things Posted on Social Media



I think it’s a reference to

Although in this case it was about making sure local people went so it wouldn’t be like sad papaw :cry::grinning:


people went to it!


Yeah, I was reading the thread :slight_smile: That’s actually how I worked out what the papaw thing was probably referencing. I am not that sharp normally.


fair play to Morrissey for making the effort


he’s having it on the wrong day


Oh fuck thats incredible. 1% tho :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:



This > all rom coms




Oooh! It’s finally happened! The crossover!


Is it time for a Polarising Things Posted on Social Media?



Do you think the 2 threads will go to war over this? Could really cause a divide if you and I really put our minds to it and play each of them off against each other.

  • Great thing
  • Terrible thing

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m9 this is fucking shit





you suck!


This is nice and well done - the guy doing the school trip thing was transparently fake (tweeting every minute etc), and then he moaned about it going viral after? That was odd.

This one has had some effort put in making it seem real at least, nice visual storytelling -
it’s basically a rom com in the medium of Twitter. And the characters are nice - waiting for a Glasses Guy spin-off myself.

I mean you don’t have to like rom coms, but Four Weddings is a decently made film nevertheless



It would be better storytelling if there’d been a counter-thread from the two people in front getting increasingly worried about the absolute twatopaths behind them documenting their every movement, and then when the plane lands it goes all Kill List and pivots to chaotic horror


If it helps, I named the fitness couple Roscoe and Marlon during my reading.