Great Things Posted on Social Media


Would have loved it if the couple in front both fully reclined their seats and the mood turns to horror as the narrator plots their deaths and Glasses Guy is trying to get out but he’s too far in now


I just thought of a whole alternate ending where the blossoming romance turns out to have been manufactured to lure the narrator into a giant wicker iPhone so that Instagram cultists can ensure a healthy harvest of followers this year



I mean all narratives of romance are manufactured within a capitalist society in order to reinforce norms of consumption and compliance

But I liked the text style on this one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


i would have enjoyed more of a payoff than “they followed each other on IG”


Setup for the sequel - Plane romance/School trip guy extended universe


Arguably sub-vine content, that.



oh shit it’s their kids that he’s supervising?


Oh shit, genuinely had a great idea

There’s a murder on a plane but the police can’t figure out the truth because everyone on the plane was trying to go viral


Out of interest how many tweets in a long thread do you ever read. Reckon 5 is my max


The murder is relatively mundane but everyone’s desperately concocting a separate, elaborate backstory to get a viral thread and all of the conflicting information means the police can’t get anywhere near the killer


samuel l jackson: we need to get these mutha fucking tweets off this mutha fucking plane


They did know!


lol I know/have met this guy. His bro is ex bolton fc player Stu Holden.

He is very handsome and nice irl imo



England won a game on penalties and a dog and a goose are best friends.

Y’know…I think it’s all gonna be alright.



Managed to melt even my cold, dead, heart.

(In Spanish but here’s the translation:
This little monkey is 1 year old and was abandoned by his mother at birth and was found with pneumonia, look at his reaction by listening and seeing the vets who took care of him a year ago! What love and gratitude!)