Great Things Posted on Social Media


Walmart is now selling shirts for children with “Impeach 45” on them. I don’t know how to respond to this.


Weirdly enough, peach45 is my Mario Kart username but I wouldn’t go around advertising it







got to love crows



Old Bob is the best


:heart:️ bobby d



Yeah, original Bob Dylan would never have pulled a stunt like this. His replacement is a lot more fun.





This is a terrible thing but great that people are posting it.


No way has it been 70 years since Boris Johnson became an MP :open_mouth:

Feels so much longer


I did think that - that they didn’t personally vote against it. But if the public opinion in favour of the NHS wasn’t so strong, they would do away with it in an instant. So many of them profit from private health care, after all. And everything privatised is their ideology. The only reason they play at supporting the NHS is because to do otherwise would lose them votes.


Not if you assume MP stands for massive prick