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Sort of NSFW


Secretly taking pics of a couple on a plane - bad

Secretly filming a guy dancing with a lob on - good



I didn’t make the rules man.

I think there is an obvious difference between taking all your clothes off bar your underpants and then jumping around dancing with a boner in public, and taking shots of people minding their own business.

(Although I wasn’t part of the high horse brigade shouting down the airline couple thing :wink: . I was fine with it TBH, especially given as it was either setup or the guy in question found it somehow and seemed to be fine with it.)


They were in a big open tent there, not sure the filming was especially secret.


What if the guy wasn’t fine with it?


I would consider it a bad thing and I’d expect her to take it down, TBH.


Damage was already done. If it wasn’t a stunt then they had absolutely no idea what was going on in their lives and no right to start filming and doxxing them


I didn’t see any doxxing tbh. All the stuff I saw had no faces or details but it’s a long thread so fair enough.


That’s just a scene from the next Curb


Well I imagine even with the scrubbed out faces its still plausible that they could be identified. Plus they knew themselves they were being filmed and would recognise themselves from the photos. Really struggle to understand why this is an ok thing and why there hasn’t been a bigger backlash


There’s been a huge backlash


Has there?




On Twitter


Can honestly say as a cis white het man it doesn’t particularly bother me



That’s really good but ‘alas’ is deeply annoying me


Sort of NSFW? :grinning: