Great Things Posted on Social Media


i’m kind of freaked out by how much this guy looks like the chairman of the place i used to work at…


Well I mean technically it could just be a courgette in tinfoil.



Terrible that Elvis is unwell obviously but …




That scene in Spinal Tap where Derek’s crotch sets off the metal detector…


I got the reference. My shock was at erection man’s leg rub dancing.

Edit : Ah Yes I replied to the wrong post! Must have been the shock.


although i’ll occasionally enjoy some of its results on social media, i am generally of the opinion that people who pull their phone out at any opportunity to film what someone is doing is usually a grade A prick.

is there anything greater betrayal than waking up and checking your phone hungover after a very heavy night to find that a more sober friend has posted videos in your whatsapp of you being a proper embarrassing drunken mess? should be a jailable offence.


couldn’t agree with this more


I mean yeah but maybe don’t be a drunken mess too :wink:


i’m afraid that is my fundamental right


Basically without the video said mates just tell the story over and over and it’s no better or worse in my experience.




She has, in fact, been playing various iterations of Farming Simulator for the last two years, rather than negotiating our exit.



Mine and @TTF’s nerd-crush giving me some “chucks”





Why I have not gone to Pride for years. Rainbow Capitalism isn’t equality.


A guy at my sixth form took a fortnight off school so he could finish MGS.