Great Things Posted on Social Media


quite enjoying owen jones lately


sorry to sully this thread with SPORTS but this is AMAZING, both the slam and the celebration


“bottom of the ninth, down 3, 2 outs, 2 strikes”



Was going to quote Lurleen Lumpkin’s classic “Bagged Me a Homer” but I’ve just realised the lyric is “The bases were empty on the diamond of my heart”, not “The bases were loaded”.






Nope - makes zero sense
Is this some cultural reference of which I’m unaware?


I think it’s referring to the phenomenon in films where, if any female displays an ability more stereotypically associated with males, it’s because she was the only female in a family full of them.


Pretty standard movie trope, no?


Yeah as @SenorDingDong says, it’s just a movie trope that comes up


Ah OK. This bit confused me.
Cheers anyway


It’s a reference to a sexist movie trope


I think it’s also just meant to be absurdist humour TBH


Either way, not really a Great Thing Posted on Social Media.


7 likes here, lots there. Sorry grandad



Reckon even @Raanraals will like this one




Exactly what I imagine politicians deep in the pocket of the NRA to look like.