Great things you've done in your life

This will make you feel good! Try it!

. ran really fast
. been on a plane
. climbed a very tall hill
. been in love
. made some music
. received a standing ovation
. became obsessed with a video game
. saw my favourite artist live
. got top marks and felt smug

What a great life, who could ask for more?

(in case you feel bad, these are all kind of small and basic things and some variation and quanity of these can be achieved by anybody)


tell me about this one, bam. could never envisage how i could get one of these

oh it was just at a pub when I did bohemian rhapsody on karaoke but for a real achievement or anything


that’s better than anything “real” mate, nice one


I managed to hit the really high note in the bridge which I was very surprised at. Amazing what a few pints will do!

  • Had a kiddo, and, as of right now, been a mildly successful parent for the past 21mths.
  • Walked the 5 peaks and cycled the 1000 miles between them, all in a week

Probably about it. I’m a pretty unambitious and apathetic person.


Those are great! Small achievements are amazing too, tasting a really beautiful beer is a great thing to have experienced don’t you think?

I had a load of those experiences this week if it counts.

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yeah like when you are looking at the life you’ve lived those are really important and much better than what your career is or whatever imo

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Won my local lawnmower derby in 2017 (18 participants mind you) with an engine that shit the bed on the last lap.


that sounds really fun, you’ll remember that forever I bet

just reminded my buddy of it 5 minutes ago

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I was once on a bus in Australia with backpackers from various places. The Bloodhound Gangs, The Bad Touch came on and I found I knew more words than I expected. Did the whole rap and got a standing ovation.

Half being ironic


did you do some celebratory doughnuts?

maybe like wave a cowboy hat around too

  • got a first despite losing my mum half way through uni
  • played at my brother’s wedding and my grandad’s funeral
  • fathered two lovely children
  • seen a space rocket launch
  • helped maybe 1000 to 1200 people who had debt problems
  • kept a whole bunch of people in their homes and helped a whole bunch of others find accommodation

that’s a really intense mixture of emotions man, very proud of you!

Nope, blew the engine had to push it up a hill to get it in the bed of my truck. Not ideal, but the legend of the win grows exponentially throughout the years.

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a story you can dine out on for the rest of your life!

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Honestly the definition of heroism, helping people who are suffering and struggling that much in their darkest times. That’s incredible work, and really inspiring.