Great tunes followed by crap tunes

Every time I listen to Champion by Kanye, I love it until it ends and then Stronger comes on straight after which SUCKS.

Any other buzzkilling track combinations on albums?

Here, There and Everywhere -> Yellow Submarine. With She Said She Said afterwards.

Gotta be my most skipped track ever.

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The new Happyness album

First track is good. Second track has an annoying beep in it that makes it unlistenable

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Crap is overstating it, but Sons of the Silent Age following on from Heroes always feels like a complete anticlimax.

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Walkin’ on the Sidewalks followed by You Would Know on Queens of the Stone Age’s debut. The first one is a classic and one of their definitive songs, the second one is the only dud in their entire discography.

Goliath followed by Tourniquet Man on The Mars Volta’s The Bedlam in Goliath.

I’m not quite as down on Tourniquet Man as most people are - it does work as a kind of unpleasant transition song. It’s disappointing though that something better isn’t there after Goliath, which is one of the most exciting things ever recorded. Plus given that Cavelletas comes next, it feels like they missed out on an all-time great three song sequence.

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Stand following You Are The Everything on Green by R.E.M. annoys me every time I put it on. even if you like Stand (which I don’t), it’s really jarring after such a gorgeous track.

A real poisoned chalice of a position tbh

Think QOTSA are the masters of this art. Better Living Though Chemistry followed by… Monsters in The Parasol. Misfit Love followed by Battery Acid

She Said She Said followed by Good Day Sunshine

(Before redeeming itself with And Your Bird Can Sing)


Followed by this

Pavement. On Wowee Zowee, the amazingly beautiful Black Out is followed by the complete, squirrel-voiced mess of Brinx Job. SKIP. Especially since Grounded is the next song.

Actually, Grounded, then Serpentine Pad.