Great TV adverts

Obviously the Dairy Milk one where the little girls uses her toys to buy her mam a big bar of chocolate’s one of the all-time greats and brings a lump to the throat of any human-being capable of showing empathy, but are there any others currently on the telly? I’m not sure.

Great adverts only, please. Not ones which are merely just very good.

Even if they were, they’d be edited after a week to the odd key moment making the whole thing lack context, make no sense, and be musically irritating.

Weird that Shopkeep gives her one toy back as change and keeps the rest though eh

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He can tell it’s her favourite as she gives it him last. Have a heart, mate.

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Love the ad mate, love the players, love the performances, love the message. Just not sure what the guy is gonna do with those toys is all. My reading is that he’ll slyly give em back to the lass’s Ma next time she’s in so that the girl has her toys back but still retains the sense of achievement of saving for and buying her Ma a gift.

This came on the other day and the mother-in-law piped up: ‘I don’t like that woman. Wouldn’t trust her at all’.

That’s the idea, innit.

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You might like my thread about the lady but you probably wouldn’t

Used to think this was hilarious as a younger man

this series is wild


Fucking love this series

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This. Proper tight bastard

No. He isn’t. He is a lovely man. It just adds a layer to the narrative that you have to fill in yourself.


Tight bastard

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Post can’t be empty

Don’t like sentimental heartstring pull adverts. Find them cynical and weird. Not seen the Cadbury one but if it’s anything like the John Lewis ones then I’m out

And in the meantime the kid will cry herself to sleep because he’s kept her whistle and her best ring.
I refer the honourable gentleman to my earlier post

You are a deeply cynical man

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