Great Van Fleet


If you’re thinking of running a great van fleet, this might be a useful starting point:

Happy vanning!


Loosely related content, here are some lorries I like to see on the motorway:

Great Bear
Maersk SeaLand
Stobes, obvs.


I like ‘DFDS’ because it looks like someone’s just mashed their keyboard to come up with their company name.


isn’t he the mayor of harderwijk?


Norbert Dentressangle for me.

Also that one with the anchor logo that looks a lot like the DiS one.


I don’t give a fucking shit about any lorries that I see.


Big fan of the DiS lorry fleet run by Kuehne and Nagel


Don Van Fleet




the official lorries for spotting in the lorry game in the warn car are:

Turners (Soham)
Knowles (March)
Fowler Welch (Spalding)
Eddie Stobart


Bonus points if they’re stuck under the bridge by Ely station, I hope.


New road’s opening soon! Will the number of bridge-strikes reduce? Only time will tell.


There’s been a Communication Breakdown


Official Van Fleet partners of Manchester United


Christian Salvesen, Ryder,
Currie of Dumfries,
Norbert Dentressangle,
North Staffs Police


My missus met Eddie Stobart once, as she reminds me every single time we drive past one on the motorway.




What name did he have on his face?


Read this to the tune of Vogue by Madonna.


Works with ‘it’s grim up north’ as well