Greatest deals in the history of deals

Selling MySpace to Rupert Murdoch for $580 million.

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On a similar tip: selling Friends Reunited to ITV for £120 million.

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Bebo being sold to Yahoo for $850 million in 2008


When the cost of Monster went up to £1.39 in most places and £1.20 in some of the corner shops, I discovered Wilco were selling it for £1. :money_mouth_face:

Just remembered HMV once had both Ghostbusters dvds for sale individually 7.99 each. You could buy them both as a boxset for a tenner.

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I have the Ghostbusters DVD boxset for this reason! Think I got it for more like £6 in a sale…

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look, you already know what I’m going to say

The founders then bought it back 6 years later for $1 million and sold to twitch for $20 million in 2019. Not bad going

…that swapping Simpsons Wrestling for FFVII truly is one of the greatest deals of all time?


Sold my blue vinyl copy of the first Tubeway Army album to a guy at work for £50 in 1982.


Bought Desert Sessions 5/6 and The Best of The Doors at a car boot. £5 a CD but two for £8.

Desert Sessions 5/6 sold for £80 on eBay. Still haven’t listened to The Best of The Doors.

That is a truly fantastic deal and probably made you the person you are today!

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To think I could have been a Simpsons shitposter instead…

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Aharon Chelouche buying ‘worthless’ swamp/sand Arab land north of Jaffa for an absolute song in the late 19th century, which has since grown and blossomed into one of the world’s most dynamic cities - Tel Aviv.

Return flights to Kiev on Ukraine’s flag carrier for £45. Got exit row seats and all.

Also rotisserie chickens for 20p at the local asda when i was a student.


Bought a BNNWWT Gucci jumper that retails at the eye-rolling price of £900 for £100 on eBay as the sole bidder.
It’s made of the softest material I’ve ever felt and I’m now terrified of wearing it after a red wine mishap that did miraculously washed out.

20p rotisserie chicken!? MAGA! (Make Asda Great Again)