Greatest ever track from the city you're from?

Oh I’ve posted him higher up the thread, gone with No Regrets but there was a few contenders tbf.

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If I can cheekily extend Solihull to include Chelmsley Wood, then I get to include:


Falkirk is my nearest town so…

Grangemouth is just down the road though so you could have your pick of Cocteau Twins


Another vote for Slim Pickings. If he’s not eligible, then one of:



So many to choose from but I’m going with Fresh Tendrils by Soundgarden.

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Wait, do you live near me? Or maybe you used to. I was next to the Sound Garden this weekend.

“Where are you from?” never gets a quick and easy answer from me. How are we defining this? Place you were born? Place you live now? Place you lived the longest? Place you spent your most formative years? Even that last one isn’t an easy answer for me.

Whichever of those options gives you the most interesting choice is how I would approach it tbh.

Where I grew up (ish)


Southampton’s greatest son. Wonder if there is a band from the actual place yr from? I really struggled with Chichester, to which I think Traams are the only think to come out of there

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Or if we can use traditional folk songs from a town and no one knows who wrote it:

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Don’t know a single track by an artist from Barnet. I reckon I could have gone on to make the best one with a bit of encouragement and direction earlier in in life. Hell, I might have done it already.

Oh yeah, you’re down in the city, right? I was born there, my family moved east immediately, but then I eventually came back and have been living up north in the suburbs for several years now.

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Elaine Paige is from Barnet

Baby Space & George Michael are from Finchley, Amy Winehouse from Southgate

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I don’t think there actually is, because it’s a blighted artless void

Except for me of course, I’m luminous lol

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Not an amazing song admittedly (though fun) but I DJ in a pub next door to a market. The very market that Kelly Jones writes about in ‘More Life In A Tramp’s Vest.’ Always mildly amuses me whenever I play it during a night.


Ah, so many posters from so many places that actually had people and places and culture and whatnot

My village (not city)'s only cultural icon was an esteemed potato breeder in the early 20th century


I actually just looked up ‘Bands from [where I’m actually from]’ and the first result was for council tax bands, which is about right.


potato GIF

From the town where I was born