Greatest last song


You can feel them fall apart on this. Is it bettered by anyone?


Was going to say ‘This Is A Low’ but Lot 105 is technically the last track.

Rock’n’Roll Suicide is a classic though:


Also, for @shucks I should point out that Hot Snakes have one of their great songs at the end of each of their three albums:

Automatic Midnight - Let It Come
Suicide Invoice - Ben Gurion
Audit in Progress - Plenty for All

I think Plenty for All is one of my number one sunny hot relaxing day songs:


album closer or final album closer?


Battle of Hampton roads by Titus andronicus!


I think mid-pu is asking for the last songs a band released or recorded, not best last tracks on an album.

I’ll go for The Day Before You Came.


Oh right, hmm. Well on that level, if we exclude Your Majesty then The End on Abbey Road might not be beat? (Let It Be was released after and even then you’d have Get Back which is still a great song.)


I mean in that case Plenty for All still counts until they release that comeback album next year.


i like Arab Strap finally cheering up and falling in love


Get out of my head Theo. :grinning:

Plenty For All is excellent, so wonderfully upbeat considering how noisy and angry Audit is. Definitely the perfect summer song.


Cheating a bit, but Death is an incredible way for Viet Cong to finish, even though technically they didn’t split up, just changed name.

Other than that, This Could Go Wrong by French Kicks is a pretty great final song.

Also, not strictly what was asked (its actually the first song they wrote) but this vid of the last ever song from The Walkmen’s last ever gig gets me every time


I listen to Thunder Down Under so much I always expect that testing chord riffing to happen after the end on the album :smiley:



Corgan Senior does the best guitar solo



Last Harbor


The version of Let It Come is fierce though, so brutal and rifftastic.


v underrated:


You know I bought Swam Sound System Vol 1: 2003 Sales Conference just to have US Mint and I actually don’t know if I’ve listened through the whole collection since. Time to check out all those other bands!


Two-way tie between:

“A Murder of One” - Counting Crows
"Blank Page" - The Smashing Pumpkins

But not choosing “P.S. You Rock My World” by the Eels feels wrong too.

I’m dangerously close to listing 30 something songs.