Greatest Overlooked Acts in Music History Thread

When it comes to the music scene you always have the Popular Kids and the Outcasts who don’t get enough shine. I’m by no means a musical expert but I don’t think popularity equates to greatness. With that being said are there artists who you think are great but haven’t seen the public attention they deserve?

My pick is Litto Nebbia, a Argentinian rock & jazz artist whose right up there with the Jimi’s, Pink Floyd’s, Santana & so forth

Litto Nebbia Muerte en la Catedral

In the definition of “One Hit Wonder” in the dictionary there is a picture of Bob Lind. He had one huge hit, “Elusive Butterfly”, in 1966. It got to No. 1 in Australia and a few other places, and was top 10 in the US and the UK. Never again, with any song or album, did he trouble the pop charts anywhere on the planet.

The explanation has as much to do with Lind himself as with the record-buying public. Cutting his teeth as a folk singer in coffee houses in Denver, he never sought to be, or expected to be, a pop singer. He released two albums on the back of that hit, but was reportedly well nigh impossible to work with, was overfond of the usual drugs of the time, and was unable to handle his sudden success. He recorded a final album in 1971 before leaving the music business for over forty years. Album no. 4 arrived in 2012.

“Elusive Butterfly” is the well-known hit, but I think this one is equally as good:

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I’m a big fan of Elvis Presley who I understand to be not particularly rated as an artist or as an influence on other musicians.


Wow, a waste of immense talent. Hopefully he found happiness

I wouldn’t say he’s overlooked. He’s was hailed as “King of Rock n Roll” which I personally think is an undeserved titled. Aside from that his influence is pretty well known

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I’d never heard of him until today.


oh wow lol where are you from?

Sorry I’m only joking. I :heart: :man_dancing:

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Proper smirking at this. TV just gave me a funny look.

Why a great band like Ladytron is so fucking overlooked?


Thomas Ribeiro. I saw him at a record company playback show and he played 6 songs live. Really stuck me as a rocking out Prince, in a good way, lots of genuine energy and he could really play. I thought he’d sell loads of CD’s / albums and was better live than the recordings account for. He disappeared almost immediately.

A poor man’s Garbage if you ask me.


Nice try. But they’re not even in the same scene.


Not read the thread but it’s Future of the Left or anything Falco related


Rock Me Amadeus was pretty big, TBF


The obvious answer to this:

All my own bands :wink:

Real answer:

Popular Workshop

They have a vibe thats a cross between Crystal Castles & Beach house. Def feeling the vibe. They have any recently released tunes?

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I’ve seen a couple of references on this board but not much. If you like US alternative or Emo or Radiohead then this is an album you need to listen to. Band is called Lewis. Album is Even So.
Some other chap from the 70’s called Lewis was uncovered a few years back so I think that’s buried this band even more!
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On a side note, Ladytron started before both Crystal Castles and Beach House. They didn’t release anything since 2011 but apparently they’re working on a new album. During this hiatus, their lead singer Helen Marnie released 2 excellent solo albums. Her voice is really beautiful. Unfortunately she’s even more overlooked than her main band.

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