Greatest Overlooked Acts in Music History Thread

I’m just saying Garbage are a better band than Ladytron. Agree to disagree!

At first I was going to say Rocket From The Tombs, but at least some of them went on to other bands that are a little more well known. So I’m going for The Screamers. They only released videos, no records. They were a little ahead of their time in that respect, it being the late seventies and MTV won’t be around for another few years to come

Screamers - Vertigo - YouTube.

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But you said they’re “a poor man’s Garbage.” Now you’re saying that Garbage are a better band than Ladytron. Way to contradict yourself. Make up your mind, mate.

The Peppermint Apes


Do you understand English?

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Kinda. My bad, I misread your post. Let’s move on.

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The Styrenes

Light and Magic is a phenomenal album. A lost classic for me. I love their other stuff but Light and Magic is stunning.


Indeed, it’s a phenomenal album. It’s quite overlong but stacked with great songs. Right now I’m listening to the ridiculously catchy Evil (the single version):

This is real ear candy.

I know I sound dumb but is the American version & single version the same?

Yes. Actually the radio edit is a remix made by Ewan Pearson. Also Evil had 2 different music videos. Here’s the UK version:

Speaking of overlooked bands: what about Curve? They did so many great songs. A perfect mix of sensuality and aggression.

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The God Machine.


Godlike song. One of my all time favorites. I think it’s time to listen again to that masterpiece called Leftism.


not available in my country :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

What about this clip? Still not available?

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Giacinto Scelsi was doing strange minimalist stuff far before the american composers. He is almost completely unknown.

This is his masterpiece imo: Giacinto Scelsi - Anahit (w/ score) (for violin and orchestra) (1965) - YouTube

This is basically proto drone. Where he makes four pieces in one note: Giacinto Scelsi - Quattro Pezzi (w/ score) (for orchestra) (1959) - YouTube

And a darker more industrial stuff: Giacinto Scelsi: Chukrum (1963) - YouTube

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Why havent they become video links. Baffling. Dont get technology.