Greatest run of three consecutive songs on an album


What’s the best?

A few suggestions to start us off:

Help Me/Free Man in Paris/People’s Parties (Joni Mitchell - Court and Spark)
Ziggy Stardust/Sufragette City/Rock and Roll Suicide (David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust)
The Classical/Jaw-bone and The Air Rifle/Hip Priest (The Fall - Hex Enduction Hour)


Ex-Cowboy / Chocky / Christmas Steps


Someone Great / All My Friends / Us v Them


Boy Child / Hero of the War / The Old Man’s Back Again

(Let down by Duchess immediately afterwards)


Good shout


Man on the Moon > Nightswimming > Find the River

Chores > For Rev Green > Fireworks

Couple of personal faves.


There’s quite a few candidates on those records. How about My Death/The Big Hurt/Such a Small Love from Scott? Or Copenhagen/Rosemary/Big Louise from Scott 3?


First thing that comes to mind and It could be said it’s because it stands so clearly above the rest of the album but

Moderat - S/T - A New Error/Rusty Nails/Seamonkey.

I was always quite a big fan of the first 3 of Menomena’s Friend and Foe too.
Muscle n Flo/The Pelican/Wet And Rusting

I need to think about this more though…


Soma/Geek USA/Mayonaise (Siamese dream)


Welcome To New York/Blank Space/Style


search and destroy
gimme danger
your pretty face is going to hell


For an R.E.M. one you can’t beat the first three tracks of Reckoning - Harborcoat/7 Chinese Bros/So. Central Rain.


Thanks for letting me know.


Backstreets/Born to Run/She’s the One (Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run)
One More Time/Aerodynamic/Digital Love (Daft Punk - Discovery)


After The Gold Rush/Only Love Can Break Your Heart/Southern Man
(Neil Young - After the Gold Rush)

(St Vincent - Strange Mercy)


Two crackers


:raised_hands: Crosseyed And Painless/The Great Curve/Once In A Lifetime :raised_hands:



Lush 3-1/Lush 3-2/ Impact (The world is burning) Some of the best dance music ever.


Isn’t Anything: Sueisfine > Several Girls Galore > You Never Should

Throwing Muses: Green > Hate My Way > Vicky’s Box


The Pointer Sisters - Breakout

Jump (for my love)
I’m so excited