Greatest Width in Quality Between Restaurant and Supermarket Version

Yes but not vs a ready meal which you man harru is talking about.


Plus restaurant lasagne is invariably served hotter than the sun in a dish which is practically on fire.

Alright Neil “Razor” Ruddock off of Celebrity Masterchef.

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A ready what now?

yeah I’ve fucked it. Apologies all round

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what’s that got to do with anything?

See above.

You… Fat handed twat

(is it Tracy ann Obermann who says that? :open_mouth:)

Mac & cheese

Like don’t mind the ready meal versions but they all pale compared to any pub version.

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Even bighams?

If we’re talking averages then I’d say pizza. Your average restaurant pizza is fine to good, your average supermarket pizza is an appalling flabby piece of bread with a meagre covering of tasteless tomato sauce and animal-feed grade “cheese”.


probs because when you order lasagne in a restaurant you’re usually in a shite restaurant or a pub or something so its never going to be great. if you went to a nice Italian they’d make you a banging lasagne I’m sure, but you wouldn’t order it from a nice place - you’d probably get something decent there instead


Ah tbf I’ve not had that, only ones I’ve seen aren’t veggie.

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Ah yeah bacon bits

There’s a little shop in Wolverton (Milton Keynes) that sells their own naans, baked on site. Best I’ve had.

But generally, you are correct.

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Doner kebab.
Also someone in the pizza express said there’s a vast canyon between in store pizzas and the supermarket versions

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TBF it’s my go-to when I think the food will be shite because it’s never less than a 7/10.

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oh wow this might be right

This is very much a correct take

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Chinese food. although i’ve had dinner at my Hong Kong ATDs place with his parents and that was definitely on par with the best Chinese I’ve had. so succulent.

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