Greek salad Monday eve

Making one innit. Sup?

Read the title to the tune of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.


Evening @tilty. It’s a curry from one of the baking tin books for us.

The highlight of my evening will be putting the bins out, since it’s bin day tomorrow. Oh, and drinking some 0% beer.


Well, it is a Monday


Fucking nailed this pan con tomate I made.

Off for a walk and gonna phone me mam now.


Ketchup sandwich?

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Butternut squash and goats cheese risotto. Another evening of empty tv watching.

Greek salad sounds really nice right about now. I’m making an omelette though, just catching my breath/waiting to stop sweating after soing some shopping. Got some good bargains though.

Horses (babies and adults) tomorrow
Film stuff and packing on Weds
More packing, cleaning the flat, going round a friends house on Thurs
Final cleaning/packing and leaving on Fri!

I’m having stew. Maybe I should go live with @profk 's parents and he can stay here and defrost my leftovers


Drinking beer on a little shore but the tide is rapidly coming in and I’m gonna have to go soon

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Can’t believe I got a beer delivery on dry Monday

Thank you for reminding me that it’s bin day tomorrow.


I cried a lot over skype at my PhD supervisor but she is so lovely and kind :sob: I should stop crying on people though lmao one time I went to the cat shelter I got my cat from just for a visit and ended up crying with a volunteer I spoke to for like 5min about our dead cats :sweat_smile:
Also tried to take a beautiful picture of my breakfast today (buckwheat pancakes with homemade blackberry sauce) but it just looks like an open wound doesn’t it


0% beer? I’ve already had two double V&Ts. But I aint drinking any wine tonight. No siree.

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Caesar the day!

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I’ve got a leg of lamb in the fridge, but I can’t be arsed roasting it. That will be tomorrow. Tonight will be Mrs F cooks night, which means it will probably be pasta and a shitload of washing up for me to do.

Evening all. You know when you’ve had such a tough time mentally that even the slightest bit of respite feels like pure bliss? I feel like that right now.

Plans for the evening: macaroni cheese, maybe watch some more Bojack Horseman (getting into this about a decade late)


Had this for breakfast every day the last week. The best summer breakfast