Greek salad

I’ve developed an insatiable love of this.

What’s even better is when you get a mouthful of all the flavours together, there’s barely anything purer.

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I can’t abide feta so I’m out.

Please enjoy your salad though.


never had salad

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never even like, one of the inherent ingredients like lettuce or cucumber?

yeah for sure but isn’t salad where you put vinegar on it and olive oil or something?

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could you state your ingredients so I know which way to vote please @tilty

Salad is a real jabroni dish


More like geek salad


can’t have meat in a salad can you?


Greek food is generally incredible tbqh. Even just getting a plate of plain chips in Greece they bring them cooked to perfection and seasoned with all fresh herbs and they’re the best goddamn chips the world has ever seen.


olive oil
red wine vinegar



Chicken Caesar might say differently but I don’t really know who that is

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I thought the whole defining feature of a salad was that there is no meat. Guess I just don’t know anything

Bread, olive oil, feta and honey with a glass of cheap cava mixed with peach juice is peak greek food imo

Not that I’ve ever seen these things offered on a menu but this is what I always eat before heading out for the evening when in greece. Hmm, might have some of this this weekend in not greece.


Greek Sad Lad more like…

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Cucumber is awful so I’m out.

The very word salad is derived from the Latin for salt (sal). Its basically “some stuff mixed together and seasoned”. Most commonly cold vegetables but you can also have meat, cheese, whatever in there as well.

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Completely agree, bloody love Greek Salad. Think it’s the only variation of a salad I could make a strong case for being a 10/10 foodstuff.

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Love it when they serve it with the feta as a big slab

I’ll have that and chips and some pokey retsina please

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Cucumber = gross
Uncooked tomato = gross

Ahm oot.