Green chain walks



Next week imma do this

we stumbled onto part of the walk while having a bit of a look around the area yesterday evening and it was, in fact, right lush.

Anyone done any other green-chains in their area and can recommend?

EDIT: ARE there even any non SE walks of this nature?


i should emphasise we’re gonna do not just the section but attempt the majority of the chain :slight_smile:


God show me the way because the Devil’s tryin’ to break me down.


FUCK nightmare! it’s SE only! disregard this thread. nothing to see here


are you gonna dress up for it


erm? in a raincoat if the weather’s shit i guess?


We’ve done the bit from Dulwich up to the Horniman before. It’s quite nice. Not as nice as some of the walks up through Wanstead Park and Epping Forest though, imho.


i like wanstead very much indeed for walking


My pal and I did Bexleyheath to… somewhere and then this:

and then all the way along to Rotherhithe. I ached the next day, it was so bloody long.


There’s something like this in Leeds called the Leeds Country Way. It’s 62 miles and links up pretty well with public transport. I did a quarter of it one day last year, went past the Emmerdale set and was a couple of miles from Leeds Festival at one point.


Dulwich to where ?