Green Day - Revolution Radio

Amazing. They’re still going.

Tell you what though, I was WELL excited when Nimrod came out, I’d discovered Dookie through the em tee vee network and was like “wo” watching the video to Basket Case.

I kept up right through to Warning, but that was so bland I figured they’d slowly collapse like a flan in a cupboard. They were having best ofs and stuff released after it came out, I was about 70% certain they’d break up.

Then American Idiot came out and people were taking them seriously and suddenly they were political which was confusing.

Then another album that had some songs on it, then there were those three albums, where even when I liked them the most, I couldn’t imagine ANYONE wanting a triple album from Green Day, still freaks my nut out to this day. Apparently they’ve been slagging the triple album off in the promo rounds for this one, which seems a bit off as it was literally their last album.

Now they seem to pop up on those “best of” and “hall of fame” things and seem really angry, which doesn’t seem fair because their success seems to be based on a lot of luck and timing. They look tired.

Anyway, that’s the story until today, and now they’ve got a new album called “Revolution Radio”. With a title like that, you can be sure it’s going to change the world. Probably gonna have the word Trump and overthrow in the lyrics at least once. Anyway, it’s out now and apparently it’s a back-to-basics affair, but I’m not sure whether or not that means they’re gonna sing about wanking again.

Green Day, 2016.

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Look right, I’ll level with you, I was pleased when Green Day broke up after Reading festival 2004; they’d had their time. So when they were immediately replaced by a similar band with the same name, you can imagine my frustration.

I’m not exactly clear as to which band recorded this, whether it’s green day, continuing they’re intrepid slog through the bland or whether green day have got back together for one more blast for old times. But, I’ve offlined the album and will be sure to get to the bottom of it, sometime when I’ve got literally nothing else to listen to.

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*rejected PR copy for new green day album

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Green Day have always been a bit turd really, even back in the 90s. When I Come Around is a good song but other than that…dull

Ah come on now there’s still light hearted nostalgia. I still have a lot of time for Insomniac as well as Dookie

I’d agree if this was an Offspring thread!


Both apply! 90s pop punk 4 lyf


Ok, so owing to the Joyce Manor album not offlining properly, i had 20 minutes to listen to this earlier. the second song, the first they released off the album, is still an ok Green Day song. the other 4 I heard were utter prickguff. Track 4 sounds like Fallout Boy covering something off Warning.

in other news, There’s a new NOFX album out today, which I probably also won’t listen to.

'Ello, 'ello - what do we have 'ere then…

Got my digital download this morning (ltd ed red vinyl is winging its way from the US) and will wait until I’m home so I can download it and listen without distraction. I’m rather excited - always nice when one of your favourite bands return from a long lay-off with new material.

The trilogy was a bit of a failed affair (not helped by being released just as Billie Joe had his meltdown and thus affecting its promotion) - there is a decent 12/13-track album hidden amongst it however; I can stomach most of Uno, and about half of Tre, whereas I only like Dos because they at least try to showcase some different stylings.

Not surprised to see Warning still so under-rated though - great album.

I got into them when my brother bought Warning, heard a few old songs and gradually bought all the older albums. Was a massive fan for the next year or two (feels like a lot longer, but i suppose a year feels longer when you’re 11) but had already gotten pretty bored of them by the time American Idiot came out and always thought it was largely terrible. Felt so weird that rather than being me or my brothers, the person in my family who bought that album ended up being my MUM, which sums it up I suppose.

It’s funny that Nimrod and Warning seemed to be them getting to their ‘mature’ stage and then they’ve since fully regressed back to eyeliner and silly hair.

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Your mum sounds like a great woman tbf.

The eyeliner was really only part of the aesthetic for the AI/21stCB era, not that that affects the musical output really…

This is pretty much the same for me. Their international super hits tour was my first ever gig at Wembley. All died shortly after

Yesterday I walked past someone wearing a hoodie with the American Idiot album cover on the back of the hoodie.

That’s the story.

that’s not a story. Where’s the " once upon a time" and “The end”?

Once upon a time I walked past someone wearing a hoodie with the American Idiot album cover on the back of the hoodie and they all lived happily ever after.


See, ain’t that better? It surely does tell one heck of a tale

Have Green Day released more bumhat than actual good now?

Also Revolution Radio? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA give it a rest.

This is not revolution rock

(it’s something much less complex)



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