Green man 2017


Okay, ta.

Such a killer line up, but always do EotR, can’t really do both, and pretty much hate camping, particularly in places where it bums it down every year. Might do two days, one night or something. When can I hope for day splits, to see if that would soak up all the bands I want to see?


Not that I’ve ever done it, but with Green Man you can definitely stay at a nearby B&B if you want to avoid the camping.


Normally the beginning of July i think


So many festivals I fancy just going for the odd here and there. Especially with kids in tow. Cannot face camping whatsoever. Really wish more did day tickets but understand why most don’t.


Love these additions, it’s like a list of bands I’ve never seen that I want to see; Thee Oh Sees, Liars, Kate Tempest, Sleaford Mods, Daniel Johnston. Happier with the line up now.


Still a 5/10 lineup at best


Its a lot better than latitude or the other U.K summer festivals. I’d be happy to attend based on that line up


I was having the perennial conversation with a friend last night who admitted she’s only heard of two of the artists announced so far this year, which is at odds with the 47 I could easily rattle off. Turns out those two are Michael Kiwanuka and PJ Harvey. I was kind of surprised she’s never even heard of Ryan Adams. Do I just have unrealistic expectations when it comes to the level of other’s knowledge?


New Announcements this morning. Lift to Experience, Ride (Thursday headliner), Hinds, Daniel Avery, Allah-La’s. Lots of others.

All pretty decent imho. Lift to Experience is a bit of a coup…


Some good additions there. Not as good as last year by a long way mind


Seems like the worst one in ages to me 🤷


None of the beardy big three (Greenman, EOTR, Latitude) are up to much this year. Could go to GM/EOTR and have a nice time but it’s certainly not must-see stuff.


EOTR’s absolutely stacked lower down the bill with great stuff. None of the headliners at any of the 3 are massively exciting though (Latitude’s are proper shite)


Literally looks like it’s had the headliners chopped off dunnit? Otherwise really solid tbh tbf. Hadn’t bothered looking at the smaller print names and there’s loads of gooduns.


Yeah, I’m not a big fan of MDM but Father John Misty and Bill Callahan should be good. Just no proper ‘fuck yeah!’ headliner announcement like a Sufjan or whatever, still a very good lineup though imo


I’m going and very much looking forward to it.

(won’t be watching silly dance twat though, obvs)


Very tempted to go. Surely Future Islands won’t be main stage headliners though? I had in my head they’d be Thursday night headliners perhaps but Ride have got that slot. I cant see that Future Islands can keep a large crowd interested for 90 mins, with one reasonably well known song (among indie types at least) and some funny dancing…


I wonder if they still play it twice


They’re Sunday night headliners, right? The Sunday ones are sometimes a bit more low-key than the others, but maybe there’s some other big act still tba?


This is probably the weakest one in a long time, but I’m looking forward to it either way. Always some nice surprises if you explore the smaller acts.